Are you looking for a cream that works, and one that is organic, natural,
    homeopathic, herbal and has a PH balanced base cream?
    Then you have come to the right place. Natural Skin Cosmetics offer
    handmade Herbal Creams using only sourced ingredients that are of the
    highest quality. Ingredients used are from pure natural flower extracts and
    essences, prepared especially in just the right quantity to
    provide the best results.
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    Nutraceutical a term combining the words nutrition and pharmaceuticals,
    is a food or food product that provides health and medical benefits,
    including the prevention and treatment of disease.
    Health Canada defines Nutraceutical as: "a product isolated or purified
    from foods, and generally sold in medicinal forms not usually associated
    with food and demonstrated to have a physiological benefit or provide
    protection against chronic disease."
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    Organic/GMO-Free supplements are from nature itself.
    Not chemically processed, they contain
    all of the benefits of the natural products
    in its wole and unaltered state.
    They are natural whole food supplements ...
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  • PAPAYA 35
    Contains beneficial Amino acids and small sugar molecules called Oligosaccharides,
    which have the ability to regulate and enhance your body's antioxidant capacities in two ways.
    First, they directly destroy dangerous free radicals in the body, such as
    hydroxyl (the most dangerous among free radicals); and second
    they enhance the activity of the body's own antioxidant enzymes.
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    There is a definite correlation between weight loss and papaya enzymes. Papaya enzymes
    break down proteins, carbohydrates, and starches, they also help digest fats,
    speed up your metabolism and act as a weight-loss supplement. Papaya Leaf Extract.
    contains Papain a digestive enzyme which breaks down and helps digest tough meat fibres
    nd proteins. This is essential in a weight-loss regime. There are two more enzymes ...
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    Papaya Leaf Extracts probiotic formula actually reduces oxidative stress,
    supports and boosts your immune system through enhancing natural Killer Cell activity.
    This probiotic formula is documented to be antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral.
    Papaya is one of the richest sources of Antioxidants
    and is up to twenty times more powerful than Vitamin E ...
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    Red clover is considered to be one of the richest sources of isoflavones
    (water-soluble chemicals that act like estrogens and are found in many plants).
    It is used for hot flashes, PMS, lowering cholesterol, breast enhancement and breast health,
    improving urine production and blood circulation. It is also used to help prevent osteoporosis, reduce ...
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